The ONE Cap Lamp

An affordable cordless cap lamp alternative in mining
safety technology

  • Cordless with a self-contained lithium polymer battery
  • Advanced battery system provides brightest ambient light on the market
  • Battery capacity 12-14 hours (ONE-X battery life is 17 hours)
  • The One-X offers cell balancing technology for longer life and superior safety
  • Re-designed, sleek look and smaller battery makes it half the weight of Johnny Light cap lamp
  • Will meet future compatibility requirements for most tagging systems
  • All parts are replaceable for quick repairs by a service technician
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass (no plastic lens used)
  • Adjustable, universal clip fits any hard hat
  • Angled lamp face provides light at feet where it is needed
  • Charger features indicator lights to show when the battery is charging, when it is completely charged and when it is not operating at peak efficiency
The ONE Cap Lamp