Collision Avoidance

SCASII Collision Avoidance System

The SCASII Collision Avoidance System developed by our sister company Schauenburg Systems out of South Africa is a proven L9 (EMESRT ) Collision Avoidance System currently being used at various mines in that area. In collaboration with Schauenburg Systems, Jannatec Technologies now offers this product to our North American client base.

The system gives both vehicles and pedestrians an early warning of possible dangerous situations and has been developed to provide both crawl and stop capabilities on mobile equipment when this equipment has interactions with personnel, other mobile equipment and fixed hazards that have been identified and flagged by the operations. The SCASII system can also detect and display possible collision hazards in four directions and can be programmed for three different zones: the safe zone, the warning zone and the critical zone. These zones can be adjusted as necessary to fit customer needs based on request.

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