Our Story

With more than 25 years of experience in the mining industry, Jannatec Technologies is leading the way as one of the preferred safety and communications provider to mines in Canada, from
coast to coast.

We are expanding our focus to other markets so clients alike can experience our top-of-the-line products and services.

Jannatec specializes in the development and deployment of a variety of dynamic and unique safety and communications devices. Our rugged and durable radio cap lamps along with our corded and cordless cap lamps, are light-weight, longer-lasting, and can incorporate two-way radio systems, RFID tags and collision avoidance/proximity detection technology. These lamps are applicable to miners, heavy equipment, utility vehicles and fixed hazards.

To this day, the Johnny Light, our flag-ship product, has been sold globally and continues to prove itself and evolve with the ever-changing technology we see today. It was the first IoT device of its kind before IoT became a mainstream topic within the industry.

We have been able to incorporate LED lighting, Li-Ion Batteries, Analog/Digital capable internal radios, house our very own proximity detection system – JAWS (Jannatec Advanced Warning System) and RFID Tracking solution. This product will continue to meet the test of time in the mining industry.

Our proximity detection system is proven and currently deployed at 6 Vale Mines in Sudbury, Ontario, with ongoing implementations at the Vale Voisey’s Bay and Thompson Manitoba operations. We have teamed up with our partner company Schauenburg Systems out of South Africa to offer a Level 9 collision avoidance systems for both surface and underground applications giving us the ultimate platform to suit a wide variety of safety needs regardless of your budget or where you would like to begin.

Jannatec has a very long and rich history of providing safety and communications in the mining industry, and we continue to provide the future of worker safety – delivered today.

You don’t keep customers for decades if you do not have solid products, services and most importantly, people. We pride ourselves in striving to provide the best in each of these areas and the lengthy relationships we have built with many clients is a testament to that. Whether you need one of our proven products, or a customizable solution, our team will meet with you and discuss how we can take care of your problems today and work to ensure that we consider the requirements and needs you have tomorrow and moving forward. In the process, we will aim to build a mutually beneficial relationship for life. That’s the Jannatec promise.