J.A.W.S. Proximity Detection Application

One of the dangers created by an underground mining environment is that it greatly inhibits a miner’s ability to see and hear everything around them. As a result, collisions involving underground vehicles and personnel have been known to occur … with tragic consequences.


The J.A.W.S. (Jannatec Advanced Warning System) SmartView Application uses of a series of radio frequency transceivers attached to all underground vehicles, personnel, and fixed hazards. Each SmartView platform is custom programmed to match the requirements of individual job sites. Once in place, they will detect and issue warnings of other vehicles, fixed hazards or personnel in the vicinity. This stand-alone system does not require any external infrastructure to operate – such as a leaky feeder – and can be easily integrated into your standard safe working practices.


Designed to communicate with the SmartHelmet as well as the Johnny Light G3 Turbo radio cap lamp and battery package, mine personnel will receive a clearly visible warning when in the vicinity of a moving vehicle or fixed hazard. In the same way, pedestrians are quickly detected by the operators of oncoming vehicles. The JAWS 2 application is able to easily notify the operator on the SmartView 7" screen whether he is approaching a single worker or a group of workers.


Using an external antenna, the SmartView unit detects other vehicles, mine personnel, and fixed hazards to produce a unique visual warning to the operator. In the case of a parked vehicle, the SmartView unit recognizes when a vehicle shuts off, at which point it emits a fixed hazard signal.


When approaching a 50-tonne haulage truck or other impassable vehicle, operators will receive a clear warning allowing them to give the approaching vehicle the right-of-way before proceeding.

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