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Protect your most valuable assets. 

Your people are priceless. 

Protect them with proximity detection.

What makes our system different

Alert personnel on foot

Our system alerts workers on foot as well as vehicle operators to each other increasing hazard awareness for all parties.

Modular platform

Get proximity detection with the flexibility to add and customize other modules as operations evolve.

(See modules) 

Future ready

Our proximity detection does not need any infrastructure to enhance safety but becomes a capable IoT device once network connectivity is available.

What these differences do for you

Safer workplace

Being alerted in advance to any hazard increases safety and gives precious time to react to the situation resulting in reduced risk for all.

More utility

The ENSO SmartView can run our J.A.W.S. proximity detection alongside custom developed applications to become a multi-purpose platform.

ROI today & tomorrow

Deploy proximity detection now to see ROI with increased safety then get additional benefits when network connectivity is established.

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