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The Ring of Fire: Sudbury to Possibly be Part of a Giant Future Mining Operation

From significant amounts of minerals to ferrochrome smelters, Sudbury, Ontario might become part of a major mining operation.

The Ring of Fire is a remote area in the James Bay lowlands located approximately 575 kilometers north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The area, which is currently difficult to access, is expected to generate a significant amount of #minerals, including #nickle, #copper and #chromite.

As of this past Summer, Premier Kathleen Wynn announced that the provincial government will be taking on the challenge of developing a year-round road access to the mineral-rich area. This road access will link communities to Ontario’s highway system.

#Noront, a Canadian-based mining company, has the largest land position in the Ring of Fire, and is eagerly awaiting the proposed all-season roads that will begin construction in 2019.

If all goes well, the first mine developed in the Ring of Fire will be Noront’s Eagle’s Nest project. This project is a high grade nickel, copper, platinum, palladium deposit. The ore that will be produced will be transported down the new road to Sudbury, Ontario.

“The reason we selected that site as the first mine is because there's already existing smelting capacity for those minerals in Sudbury.”

- Alan Coutts (CEO Noront), Noront Resources to make decision on Ring of Fire smelter by end of year, CBC News

Soon after the Eagle’s Nest project, Noront will then develop its chromite deposits. This mineral will be processed at a #ferrochromesmelter, and the location of this smelter has yet to be decided. Noront is looking at specific sites for the facility from #Sudbury, #Timmins, #SaultSteMarie, and #ThunderBay. The list of potential sites has left the four communities vying for the chance to possibly be a part of the giant future mining operation.

“Every one of those locations has some pluses and some minuses. Some are closer to markets. Some are further. Some have better elliptical infrastructure. Some have poorer.”

- Alan Coutts (CEO Noront), Northern Ontario cities try to ‘sell’ themselves as best place to put Ring of Fire smelter, CBC News

It’s been suggested that there will be up to 500 full time jobs produced with the Ring of Fire mining development and smelter facility. The smelter alone will bring huge economic spinoffs to whichever community is chosen.

Many are vouching that Sudbury would be a great choice. With a viable community, workforce, and amenities, Sudbury has everything that is required to take care of the staff, and services that the industry will require.

This would be great news for companies like our own who develop and manufacture electronic products and system solutions for the safety and productivity in the mining industry. Jannatec Technologies would be the perfect fit in assisting in Noront’s mining project by providing innovative products and communication solutions to better achieve mining success.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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