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Tesla Breathing Life back into Ontario Ghost Town

The demand for Cobalt is driving new possibilities

We’re entering into a new era of electric vehicle and lithium battery demand. The worldwide search for green-tech minerals is putting ghost towns like Cobalt, Ontario back into business!

The sleepy town nestled 500 kilometres (300 miles) north of Toronto, Ontario was once known for its silver mining district. Now its being brought back into the spotlight for a once largely discarded by-product metal, #cobalt.

Cobalt, Ontario is quickly becoming a diamond in the rough.

Cobalt is often seen as an essential component in the development of lithium ion #batteries, but there’s a catch. Prices for cobalt have more than doubled in the last year due to strong consumer demand, limited supply, and increased purchases from investors. This makes towns, like Cobalt, Ontario who are able to supply the increasingly rare mineral highly sought after. Cobalt, Ontario is quickly becoming a diamond in the rough.

This is great news for companies like our own who’s essential clients are in the #mining industry. Jannatec Technologies has always prided itself on creating innovative, groundbreaking technology that not only services individuals in the mining industry, but exceed their expectations.

Cobalt is never found on its own, but rather always mixed with silver, copper, nickel and other metals. Much like the recipe to a successful mining project, here at Jannatec we’re hoping to add in to the mix and help deliver an even more delectable outcome.

Who knows, maybe new opportunities are on the horizon. We’ll keep you posted!

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