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Get to Know Our Team: Jayne Carriere

Having worked for Jannatec Technologies for almost 4 years now as our Shipper/Receiver, Jayne Carriere is greatly admired amongst her colleagues for her outstanding work ethic and friendly demeanor. Without her variety of skills and abilities, Jannatec surely wouldn’t be the same. Read below to find out more about Jayne!

1) What do you do at Jannatec Technologies?

I’m the Shipper/Receiver at Jannatec Technologies, my job is to verify and keep records on incoming and outgoing shipments, ensuring that all products received are sent to the proper department or put into our warehouse inventory according to the internal process. I also fulfil order requirements for our customers’ and ensure they are packed safely while being checked for the highest of quality in association with our ISO standards, and log all required repairs and correspond to our Service department for follow up.

Additionally, I have assisted in the Manufacturing department, learning new jobs by creating projects from raw material and components.

2) What do you find most enjoyable about your job?

The most enjoyable part of my job would have to be coming to work with all of my amazing co-workers. We have such a great team of individuals here at Jannatec. Everyone always has such a good, positive attitude which makes work that much better! Even when it’s an incredibly busy, and productive day, we all try to boost each other up. It’s a great working environment.

3) What’s the most important part of your job?

Being confident. I believe it’s important to be confident in what you’re doing, especially when it comes to Shipping/Receiving. Many a times I have to make critical decisions when both sending out products and receiving repairs. Essentially, I’m the first and last person that deals with our products, the last set of eyes to ensure everything is perfect before it’s sent out to our clients, and the first set of eyes when detailing how to properly handle a repair. All of the above can be quite daunting, so it’s important to be self-assured in that decision-making process.

4) What’s your workday motto or personal mantra?

Make the best out of everything. While most of my days are quite dynamic and exciting, there are always a few that can become a bit overwhelming with the number of tasks that need to be completed. In those times I like to remind myself and my coworkers of my motto. Make the best out of those situations and do the best you can do because at the end of the day that’s what’s most important.

5) What’s your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

In my personal life, my best achievement would have to be my family. In my professional setting, my biggest achievement is having recently had the opportunity to be a part of the manufacturing process. It is exciting to have the opportunity to not only prepare the products for delivery to our clients but to also partake in the building process of those products and see it come full-circle.

6) If you could switch jobs with someone else at Jannatec Technologies for a day, who would it be and why?

If it could switch jobs with someone else at Jannatec for a day it would have to be Quentin Jack, our Service Supervisor. I would love to have the opportunity to experience how our products are installed and exercised by our clients. Manufacturing and shipping products to our customers are only the beginning of the job, but understanding how, for instance, our Radio Cap Lamps are installed and used for underground communications and worker safety would be an incredible experience. It would allow me to see the complete process from when a product is packaged and delivered to when it’s installed and utilized outside in the field.

7) What is the one thing you always take to work with you?

A good attitude and a smile. I believe in coming into work every day being positive regardless of what may be happening outside of my work, or what tasks might be on my list in the day ahead.

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