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Safe, modular and tailored to the job: The ENSO SmartHelmet

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

June, 2019, Sudbury, Ontario - After extensive research and investment, Jannatec Technologies, a Sudbury based industrial design and innovation company is very excited to announce the official CSA Z94.1 certification of the modular and tailored to operations ENSO SmartHelmet. As of May 15th, 2019, it has officially been Type I Class "E" certified with Type II and ANSI Certification on the near horizon.

The hard hat patent has been around for 100 years, being patented in 1919, but the general design has not had any drastic changes for nearly 40 years. “After 100 years of using a hardhat, it’s time to make the world a smarter and safer place for workers. Personal protective equipment (PPE) has evolved with technology; Industry should too while investing to protect its most important assets.” –Rey Boucher, Vice President of Jannatec Technologies. With this in mind, Jannatec has set out to update the standard with the increases in technology, connectivity and safety concerns in many industries. Jannatec Technologies has set its sights to be the forefront to these changes, needs and innovations with the ENSO SmartHelmet. The helmet is customizable to the individual job site requirements using a modular platform containing but not limited to High Visibility LEDs, RFID Tagging, Proximity Detection,Camera (Photo and Video capable).

For more than 25 years Jannatec Technologies has been a leading communication solution provider. Well known for years in the mining industry with the innovative “Johnny Light,” their first piece of wearable technology developed for industrial use. Jannatec has been continuously designing innovative technologies for underground communication and safety.

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