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Building on 100 years of the hard hat!

The term “hard hat” is recognized by vast number of industries because it is one of the most widely used pieces of safety equipment around the globe. It can be found in many industries and at nearly any job-site that has overhead risks. They are not only recommended personal protective equipment, but they are legally mandatory in most cases. Countless workers attribute the use of a hard hat to being instrumental in saving their lives or significantly reducing the severity of injuries sustained.

the changes of the hard hat over the past 100 years.
Evolution of the hard hat

A little History

The young Edward W. Bullard grew up around miners thanks to his father’s mining supply business. Jump forward a number of years to sometime during the first world war where Edward wore a metal dough-boy helmet that would protect his head from a hail of bullets and debris that was being thrown violently into the air. Upon returning home, he pointed out to his father that the miners experience similar hazards that he’d seen in the war, albeit more accidental. This one observation lead him to develop the hard “boiled” hat, the first step towards safety in the workplace and the hard hat so well known today. Early adopters were far ahead of their time as there were technically no manditory safety equipment in mines or industrial job sties until the early 1970s.

Time for change

This year, 2019, marks the 100th year since Edward W. Bullard patented the original hard hat. Even after 100 years of protecting the world from overhead hazards, the hard hat has not changed drastically technologically in the past 40 years. We want to recognize this and are bringing forth a modern and technologically innovative change to protect many industries' most important assets, their workers.

One may ask how we plan on “reinventing the hard hat?” Truthfully we are looking to be the next step in the evolution of its long and life changing history. Many industries have been pushing for innovations in technology that brings digital transformation and IoT connectivity with wearable technology to industrial applications. The solution that we have developed for this new age of technology starts with the SmartHelmet’s modular design which allows it to be customized to individual job specifications. The helmet is able to provide new safety features such as but not limited to 360-degree high visibility LED’s around the brim, RFID tracking, proximity detection* and camera capabilities.

Generations of workers and industry professionals owe their safety, lives or that of their family members to Edward W. Bullard’s invention and Jannatec Technologies would like to thank him as well as his family for creating a piece of lifesaving history. At the same time, the standard for many industry safety helmets must be updated as part of a technological revolution. Nearly 40 years is an extremely long time for safety equipment to go largely unchanged. Embrace the change, embrace safety!

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