Jannatec offers personnel lighting solutions for the mining industry that include the only radio cap lamp available on the market today, the G3T Johnny light. Our products are made and manufactured at our Sudbury, Ontario location with quality standards and are built to withstand the many different tough environments found in the mining industry. We also offer our cordless Cap lamp (ONE) series and our corded cap lamp (G3L) series. All of our products are capable of combining base lighting with various RFID tags for underground location tracking solutions with the additional benefit of proximity detection and high visibility. Lights that give you more.

Cordless Cap Lamps

The TwoGo Cap Lamp


The TwoGo is Jannatec’s most simplified affordable cordless cap lamp. It features dependable cap lamp durability and improved brightness.

The ONE Cap Lamp


The ONE is Jannatec’s affordable new cordless cap lamp. Its re-designed shell and lithium polymer battery make it half the weight of the standard Johnny Light cap lamp. Also available is The ONE-X, a premium product line that features a battery with cell-balancing technology for longer battery life. The ONE features dependable Johnny Light characteristics combined with exciting new enhancements...

Traditional Cap Lamps

The Johnny Light Cap Lamp


Johnny Light, Canadian mining’s most popular Cap Lamp is ready to shine its light on the rest of the world’s mining industry following a revolutionary re-design of its battery unit...

The G3 Turbo Radio Cap Lamp


The Johnny Light G3 Turbo, digital radio cap lamp brings together the best of Johnny Light with digital technology and user-friendly physical characteristics to provide the best possible personal lighting and communications experience...

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